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There is so much to explore in this small beautiful island…

There is something historical where ever you choose to stay.

Discover the history and Culture of North Cyprus…

The History and Culture of North Cyprus

Historical tank hidden in the mountains

History is all over the unique island…

The island of Cyprus is set in the Mediterranean with a strategic position which has been prized by conquerors throughout history. North Cyprus still retains many traces of the civilisations which have made this island their home – monumental buildings, churches, mosques, palaces and castles.

The history of North Cyprus dates back to the Neolithic period with the earliest remains dating back to 9000 BC. Over the millennia the island has been ruled by the Phoenicians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians and Greeks. More recently, the island was under British colonial rule and since 1974 the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus has operated independently from the south.

Read about the history of the tank

In North Cyprus, history is not just the past – it is part of the present; a living reminder of all of the civilisations which have lived here. It is very easy to get out and about and discover the history of North Cyprus – Crusader castles, ancient Roman ruins and beautiful monasteries.

Whether you choose to stay in Kyrenia or Famagusta, there is a wealth of history to explore in North Cyprus. Cyprus Premier offers a variety of fascinating excursions to take in the important sights accompanied by a qualified guide; an expert in the history of North Cyprus.

Amazing shipwreck museum in the Kyrenia Castle

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